The most important outcome from our work at Newhaven Coppice is sharing knowledge.

School Visits

The team at the Coppice are extremely well versed in running school visits and understand the need for such days to be applied to various parts of the national curriculum. We also know that each group has unique aims, so will tailor any visit to fit in with your educational agenda. In the last couple of years the study of Prehistory and local heritage now features in the KS1 & 2 Curriculum, we make sure that these distant parts of our ancestry will be brought to life and made relevant to those living today. 

Higher, Further & Specialist Education

We are extremely experienced in working with groups of any age; college and university students, disengaged young adults and groups with learning or behavioural difficulties. For those with an interest in the outdoors, woodlands, archaeology, traditional skills & crafts, Newhaven Coppice is the perfect place for groups to escape the stresses of 21st century living and discover a more connected way of existing. Cooking over open fires, foraging for food, identifying plants, trees and wildlife, and making whatever you need from the incredible resources the forest can offer.