Constructing an Early Anglo-Saxon timber building, using tools from the period and wood from our land. 

Since May 2017 work has been underway to create a replica Anglo-Saxon farmstead, unique to the South West of England. It's uniqueness lies in its honesty; built using only native hardwood felled from our woodland and constructed using tools and techniques appropriate to the time period. The build, thus far, is entirely self-funded- with generous physical help from friends and family. 

We've poured over plans from archaeological sites and the few historical documents, that exist, to create this reconstruction. Thrown into the mix is years of roundwood construction experience and previous work at Open Air Museums all across Europe. 

The final aim, is to have a truly atmospheric space, in a beautifully honest setting that can be opened to the public for open-days, events and courses.

Thus far, we have completed one Sunken Featured Building, based on evidence from an excavation near Cannington, Somerset. The main frame for our hall is complete and ready for roofing. Our second SFB's frame is also complete and ready for thatching in the coming weeks. 

Keep watching this space for updates and opportunities to get involved.



Images are (c) Newhaven Coppice, (c) Roy Smallpage & (c) Marcus Way

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