Autumn Treewright Weekend
  • Autumn Treewright Weekend

    19th - 20th September 2020

    Come immerse yourself in the woodland ways of our ancestors!


    Treewright is a modern translation of the Old English treowwyrhta. The treewright's job was to manage and convert wood into timber, through splitting, hewing and dressing the raw logs using wooden wedges and a variety of specialist axes.


    This course will take people into the world of the Prehistoric and Early Medieval carpenter, introducing participants to working fresh green wood with a variety of handtools, starting from the earliest Stone Age tools to the broad axes of Anglo-Saxon England.


    The focus, although not-exclusively, will be the continued creation of our Anglo-Saxon Hall structure within our seven acres of Semi-Ancient coppice. Work will revolve around splitting oak and ash logs with wooden wedges, hewing them into beams and marking out and cutting joints, all with hand tools appropriate to the archaeological evidence.


    Minimum participants: 8 persons.

    Absolutely no experience necessary.

    Tea, Coffee and Biscuits provided.


    Camping included or if you want to complete the experience, stay in one of our reconstructed Anglo-Saxon sunken huts (choose the option below)!


    Message us for more information.


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