The team at Newhaven Coppice is expanding and we are looking for the right people to bolster the ranks- fill in the form below if you're interested in following the path of the treewright.

We will be holding regular work days every fortnight starting in January 2021, alternating between a week day and weekend day. 

You require no previous experience, no skills and no tools- just a commitment to the learning of traditional crafts and a love of working in the woods, we'll help you fill in the rest. 


Work will revolve around building our Anglo Saxon Farmstead and managing our 7 acre semi-ancient woodland. Each work day will be different, with tasks ranging from herding goats, thatching roofs, wattle & daubing walls, hewing beams and jointing timber frames- all using hand tools.    

Treewright Volunteer

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The next volunteer day is: TBC

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